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300-Watt Power Supply For Merit Force Games

300-Watt Power Supply For Merit Force Games
  • For use with the following Merit games: Force EVO, Force Elite Edge and Force EVO Wallette
  • Kit Includes: DC jumper cable (EC0355-01), touch screen/LCD power cable (SB0538-01), foam tape (HW7997-01) and power supply (EC7538-07)
  • AC Input: 100-200V ~ / 6-3A / 60-50Hz
  • Voltage: +3.3V | +5V | +12V1 | +12V2 | -12V | +5Vsb
  • Current: 22A | 12A | 6A | 16A | 0.3A | 2.5A
  • RoHS complaint
  • Can also be used on Merit ION Aurora and Merit EVO Games

Product Code: MESB054001
Price: $109.95

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