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Castle - Pure Silicone Spray

Super high viscosity Castle® Pure Silicone Spray™ contains 99.1% pure silicone. This is a universal spray lubricant is excellent for solving problems of sticking, binding, squeaking, and lubrication. Pure Silicone™ extends the life of rubber weather stripping on doors, windows, hoods, and trunk lids. When applied prior to freezing winter temperatures, it will help prevent freeze-up. It protects metal from rust and corrosion, and effectively dries moisture from wet parts such as switches, relays, distributors, plugs, and chain drives. Pure Silicone™ also waterproofs boots and shoes, and will not stain. It contains no grease fillers, and is an excellent release agent for heat seal equipment.
  • Uses - Automotive, Windows, Doors, Drawers, Snow Blowers, Boats, Industrial, Home, Canvas, Rust Proofs Tools, RV's
  • Net Wgt - 10 Oz., 16 Fl oz. Aerosol Spray

Product Code: SU1603
Price: $7.49 ($6.75 for 12+)

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