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Castle - Thrust Penetrating Oil

This ion-activated Castle® Thrust™ has an affinity for metal that enables it to penetrate deeper and faster than regular penetrating oils. A special blend of lubricants assures constant lubrication and resists high temperature breakdown, even under the most severe conditions. Castle® Thrust™ foams in order to minimize run-off and keeps more product working on the rusted part, and will not “burn off.”
  • Uses - Manufacturing, Auto, Marine, Lawn Equipment, Heavy Machinery, Bus, Truck, Home, RV's
  • Great product for use on Rusted, Corroded or Frozen Parts
  • Net Wgt - 15.75-oz, 20 Fl oz Aerosol Spray

Product Code: SU12005
Price: $7.49 ($6.75 for 12+)

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