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CGA, EGA, RGB, YUV To VGA Arcade HD-Video Converter PCB (GBS-8220)


The CGA, EGA, RGB, HD to VGA Converter PCB board is designed for application in Industry and Gaming. Used for the easy upgrade of old monitors to modern display screens. It accepts and converts input signal timings of CGA, EGA, High Definition 480-1080p/i and VGA for output at resolutions of selectable VGA, SVGA, XGA or HDTV. You can easily output the image of CGA, EGA games like PS2, XBOX,Sega Rally, Lost WorldStreet Fighter, Daytona, etc.

  • Supports CGA / EGA / VGA / YCbCr / YPbPr signal inputs
  • Input Connection (selectable): RGBS- 5 pin, RGBHV- 8 pin, VGA- 15 pin, Component RGB- 3AV.
  • Output Connection: Dual VGA- 15 pin, Dual VGA- 12 pin.
  • Supports VGA Output : VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), HDTV (1360x768)
  • Input Signal Auto Scan: CGA (14.5-16.5KHz) / EGA (23.5-25.5KHz) / VGA (30.5-32.5KHz)
  • Input Signal Auto Scan YCbCr / YPbPr: (480i, 576i, 720i, 1080i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p)
  • English and Chinese On Screen Display menu.
  • Supports Output Resolution control, Position control & Zoom control.
  • Digital 24-bit A/D converter for true 16.7-million color conversion.
  • Supports all VGA monitors (CRT, LCD, PDP, etc)
  • Supports Gaming: ICB CM99, CYE, Amatic, Jolly Joker, Cuty Line, Dyna X, Psikyo, Bigigo
  • Supports Arcade: Daytona, Sega Rally, Scud Racer, Wave Runner, Alpine Racer and more....
  • Power: DC5V 2A +/- 0.5v
  • Input CGA signal: 14.5-16.5K Auto scan
  • Input EGA signal: 23.5-25.5K Auto scan
  • Input VGA signal: 30.5-32.5K Auto scan
  • Input YPbPr signal: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p Auto scan
  • Input YCbCr signal: 480i, 576i, 720i, 1080i Auto scan
  • Output VGA signal: VGA-640x480, SVGA-800x600, XGA-1024x768, HDTV-1360x768
  • Menu Key: Input Switch, Image Zoom, Image Position, Output Resolution
  • RGB gain adjust: RGB VR Pots
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 105mm x 20mm (4-9/16 x 4-1/8 x 13/16)
  • Comes Complete with Power and Video Connectors
  • Weight: 1-lb
  • Ref. No : GBS-8220

Product Code: AV0201
Price: $39.95

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