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Game Fans

Part NoSizeVoltageWireConnectorBearingPrice
EL021140mm x 40mm x 10mm12-Volt DC33-pin and 4-pinBall$5.95 ($4.95 for 10+)
EL021250mm x 50mm x 10mm12-Volt DC33-pin and 4-pinBall$5.95 ($4.95 for 10+)
EL021360mm x 60mm x 10mm12-Volt DC33-pin and 4-pin Ball$5.95 ($4.95 for 10+)
EL021470mm x 70mm x 10mm12-Volt DC3NoBall$6.95 ($5.95 for 10+)
EL021570mm x 70mm x 10mm12-Volt DC33-pin and 4-pinBall$6.95 ($5.95 for 10+)
EL0216120mm x 120mm x 38mm120-Volt AC2NoBall$14.95 ($11.95 for 10+)
EL0217120mm x 120mm x 38mm120-Volt AC2NoSleeve$10.50 ($9.50 for 10+)
EL021880mm x 80mm x 25mm12-Volt DC2NoBall$5.99 ($4.99 for 10+)
EL021980mm x 80mm x 15mm12-Volt DC33-pinBall$8.99 ($7.99 for 10+)
EL022080mm x 80mm x 15mm12-Volt DC2NoSleeve$11.45 ($10.45 for 10+)
EL022180mm x 80mm x 25mm12-Volt DC3NoSleeve$7.45 ($6.75 for 10+)
EL0222120mm x 120mm x 35mm12-Volt DC3NoBall$19.95 ($17.95 for 10+)
EL022380mm x 80mm x 37mm120-Volt AC2NoBall $11.95 ($10.75 for 10+)
EL022592mm x 92mm x 25mm12-Volt DC33-pinBall$7.25 ($6.45 for 10+)
EL022790mm x 90mm x 30mm12-Volt DC4NoBall$26.99 ($24.45 for 10+)
EL022980mm x 80mm x 25mm24-Volt DC2NoBall$9.25 ($8.25 for 10+)
EL023060mm x 60mm x 25mm12-Volt DC2NoYes$7.99 ($6.99 for 10+)
EL026060mm x 60mm x 15mm12-Volt DC33-pinSPB$14.99 ($13.49 for 10+)
EL028080mm x 80mm x 15mm12-Volt DC4YesSPB$18.95 ($17.45 for 10+)
JVL003535mm x 35mm x 15mm12-Volt DC 2YesSleeve$19.95 ($17.95 for 10+)
JVL004040mm x 40mm x 20mm12-Volt DC 2NoSleeve$8.75 ($7.75 for 10+)
MEEC0226011 40mm and 1 50mm12-Volt DC2YesBall$23.95 ($22.45 for 10+)
MEEC02290170mm x 70mm x 15mm12-Volt DC22-pinBall$9.69 ($7.99 for 10+)
MEEC94010550mm x 50mm x 10mm HS12-Volt DC33-pinBall$11.99 ($10.69 for 10+)
MEEC94070460mm x 60mm x 15mm HS12-Volt DC33-pinBall$86.59
MESA03200152mm x 52mm x 10mm12-Volt DC 22-PinSleeve$44.95 ($42.95 for 10+)
MESA04700152mm x 52mm x 10mm12-Volt DC22-pinBall$12.99 ($11.69 for 10+)
MESA04700250mm x 50mm x 10mm12-Volt DC22-pinBall$10.95
MESA04700350mm x 50mm x 10mm12-Volt DC22-PinSleeve$9.69 ($7.99 for 10+)
MESA04700750mm x 50mm x 15mm12-Volt DC22-pinBall$7.95 ($6.45 for 10+)
MESB05430160mm x 60mm x 15mm HS12-Volt DC33-pin2 Ball$31.95 ($28.95 for 10+)
MESB06110150mm x 50mm x 10mm 5-Volt DC22-PinSleeve$5.95 ($4.95 for 10+)

More products will be added soon, please call (585) 244-2420 for information on product availability or come visit us at 107-H Norris Dr. Rochester, NY 14610.
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