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Lucky Stripe Bill Validator Cleaning Card w/Miracle Magic

This cleaning card was design with a special magnetic code to allow the acceptance of this cleaning card into the bill acceptor. Once the cleaning card enters the bill acceptor the cleaning card will clean the components that it bypasses removing dirt and contaminants. This action will help to maintain the acceptance rate and help to prevent jamming of the currency during the validation process.
  • To Clean, Just Insert Cleaning Card Like a Dollar Bill
  • A scheduled maintenance product to maintain/increase high acceptance rates
  • An emergency maintenance product to correct failed acceptance
  • Cleans the components that it bypasses within the bill acceptor, removing dirt and contaminants
  • Special cleaning solution will not harm rubber belts
  • 50 Cleaning Cards per box

Product Code: CS0302
Price: $0.99 ($0.85 for 50+, $0.79 for 100+)

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