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Dart Parts

Arachnid Dart Parts

Part NoArachnid Ref. #DescriptionPrice
AR1239712397Use AR42037$44.65
AR1257512575Switch Matrix, Super Spider$98.95
AR1461714617Segment Kit - Super Spider w/o Matrix$124.95
AR1806918069Red Double Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR1891918919Arachnid - Aluminum House Dart - Red$0.55
AR1907919079Black Double Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2125021250Arachnid - Aluminum House Dart - Yellow$0.55
AR2140821408Red Large Single Segment Super Spider$1.98
AR2251822518Black Large Single Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2347423474Arachnid Brass House Dart - Red$0.59 ($0.54 for 100+, $0.49 for 500+)
AR2362823628Red Triple Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2458424584Arachnid Brass House Dart - Yellow$0.59 ($0.54 for 100+, $0.49 for 500+)
AR2473824738Black Triple Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2569425694Arachnid Brass House Dart - Blue$0.59 ($0.54 for 100+, $0.49 for 500+)
AR2584825848Red Single (Pie) Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2680626806Arachnid Brass House Dart - Black$0.59 ($0.54 for 100+, $0.49 for 500+)
AR2695826958Black Single (Pie) Segment - Super Spider$1.98
AR2791627916Arachnid - Aluminum House Dart - Black$0.55
AR2825828258Rubber Damper - Super Spider$13.89
AR2891828918Arachnid - Aluminum House Dart - Blue$0.55
AR2926829268Spider, Yellow Super Spider$28.85
AR3260532605Arachnid - Bullshooter Throw Line Marker$2.99
AR3697136971Double Bull Segment Set - Super Spider$5.98
AR3916839168Missed Dart Detector, Piezo Switch - Galaxy $59.25
AR3923739237Dart Tip Extractor$9.69
AR4077440774Missed Dart Detector - Piezo Switch - Black Widow$48.45
AR41906-R 15" Monitor, Refurbished for Arachnid Galaxy 2 Dart Machine(s/n 1277 & after). You can replace the color monitor in your Arachnid Galaxy 2 dart machine for less than half the price of a new LCD Monitor kit. This monitor is refurbished by our expert service technicians with over 45 years experience in the amusement industry. The refurbished monitor comes with a 90-day warranty. $199.95
AR4203742037Web Kit - Galaxy I and II$39.75
AR4210742107Monitor Cap Kit- Daewoo 531$21.45
AR42331Lamp Driver Bd.(Triac Board) for Arachnid Galaxy 2 Dart Machine (replaces 41670)

  • Arachnid Ref No. 42331
AR4351643516 and 42710 19" Daewoo LED Monitor$299.00

More products will be added soon, please call (585) 244-2420 for information on product availability or come visit us at 107-H Norris Dr. Rochester, NY 14610.
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