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Championship Titan 21-oz Unbacked Billiard Cloth

Titan Billiard Cloth is the #1 selling billiard fabric in the industry. This 21-ounce weight billiard fabric is available in 16 colors. Advantages of Titan billiard cloths over comparable fabrics offered by our competitors include: Wider bolts (66" wide bolts give you greater yield); Minimal pilling (substantially less than that of our major competitors' comparable fabrics); Championship's exclusive active sheering process provides the smoothest playing surface possible. Championship's bolts of Titan have the fewest flaws in the industry and each includes a tape measurer allowing the user to know exactly how much billiard fabric they have left on the roll. Titan is available in Bolts(65-80yd.) & 1/2 Bolts(35-40yds.). Precut bed & rail sets are available in many color choices.(see Championship precut beds)

  • Please order this product in 1/2 bolt(35+ yards) and Bolt(70+ yards) increments only
  • Please note - Bolt and 1/2 bolt yardage varies - we will send you the closest yardage to what you order and will charge accordingly

Product Code: BS3078
Price: $39.95 ($33.45 for 35+, $32.95 for 70+)

Felt Color: Click here to see Championship Felt Color Chart
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